What is Laser Hair Loss Therapy?

Laser Hair Loss Therapy is a safe, effective treatment that is painless, has absolutely no side effects and is completely noninvasive. It uses a non-thermal (cool) laser in low level to bathe the scalp and hair in a pure therapeutic red light. This therapeutic light produces a thicker looking and fuller feeling head of hair.

Discovery of Laser Hair Loss Therapy

While conducting research on diabetic patients in 1964, Dr. Mester used Low Level Laser Therapy to try to heal lower extremity ulcers (sores) that would not respond to other treatment. Using the laser he was able to hyper-stimulate the body’s ability to generate cell growth in the effected area by improving blood flow, thus healing the wounds. However, there was a side effect. The laser also hyper-stimulated the hair growth in the treated area resulting in thicker and longer hair compared to hair in the surrounding area.

Over a decade of research and development, including clinical case studies and wide use by the public in Europe, have led to the current state-of-the-art laser treatment programs for hair.

Evolution of Laser Hair Loss Therapy

This non-invasive technology has been used successfully in Europe for over 30 years and is being hailed today in the United State as a major breakthrough in combating hair loss.

FDA Approves laser for hair growth

In January 2007 the FDA cleared the first and only device in history to re-grow hair, the HairMax LaserComb.

The report stated:

Effective on 93% of male subjects between 30-60 years of age
Grew an average of 19 new hairs per centimeter
Results were obtained in six months

The HairMax LaserComb really works! It is a proven winner.

The cosmetic laser hoods that we use at Laser Hair Loss Therapy of North Dakota have 20 times more of the same laser diodes than the model used in the FDA study. Cosmetic lasers improve the appearance of the hair by creating a fuller, thicker look and feel.

Laser Hair Loss Therapy of North Dakota, LLC Treatment Program:

Each laser treatment session lasts 30 minutes, and is given twice a week. We may customize more sessions if needed. (It is necessary to allow one day between your laser treatments). You will relax in a private area while sitting under the laser and read or watch TV during the session.

Call us to schedule a free consultation. Our Certified Hair Loss Consultants will determine if you are a good candidate for positive results using this breakthrough technology.

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This safe and effective treatment is equally beneficial for men and women, with absolutely no side effects. A maintenance program is recommended after the desired results are attained.

If you want to create a fuller, thicker looking and feeling head of hair, the technology of the future is right here at Laser Hair Loss Therapy of North Dakota, LLC.